St-Germain has been heralded by
The New York Times* as one of the
most influential cocktail components
introduced in the last decade. *Dec 2009

Industry Quotes

“I love working with St‑Germain. It’s the
perfect sort of liqueur to experiment with
when working with gins, tequilas and piscos.” – Joy of Mixology, Gary Regan –

“Maybe the best new liqueur released in the
last two decades, St‑Germain is a revelation due
to its delicacy and its unique flavor.” – Spirit Journal, Paul Pacult –

“St‑Germain is a truly artisan product,
produced with real craftsmanship.” – Owner of Pegu Club, NY, Audrey Saunders –

“Using a cook’s terminology, St‑Germain
works like salt in a cocktail. The bright grapefruit,
lychee and elderflower round out the rough edges
of powerful base spirits bringing each and every
flavor into focus. An instant classic.” – Owner of PDT, New York, Jim Meehan –

“Perhaps the most exciting aspect to St-Germain’s
mixability is the way its complex fruity flavors and
subtle, almost honeyed sweetness harmoniously
combine with white wine. I’ve used this as a base to
a number of new cocktails. Superbly refreshing.” – Diffords Guides, Simon Difford –